Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services

RKEC are commercial electricians in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. In brief, we offer electrical services to businesses of every size, type and industry sector. If it involves electricity, we can do it.

That’s not all, though.

Electrical and Mechanical Services for YOUR business

Not only do we service your electrical needs, we can also install, maintain and service your air conditioning systems, look after your plumbing and gas needs, and take care of your fire alarm and security networks. Everything, in fact, to keep your business going.

Do you run a multi-site operation? Perhaps you’re a busy shop owner. Or, are you responsible for the welfare of your staff in single location office? Ultimately, you need business continuity. In the same way, you want to keep your employees, visitors and clients to be completely safe while they are at your offices or your retail premises.

For these reasons, we think you should talk to us here at RKEC.

We know that we have the essential experience and skills that business owners like you can rely on.

What Can RKEC offer?

From a small shop or office to a large, busy establishment, we’re just a phone call away.
We can design a full electrical installation with a focus on energy efficiency. Not only that, our electricians have experience in cabling and cable management, data cabinets, extension voice points and VOIP.

RKEC also installs and maintains first-class fire and smoke alarm systems, as well as exceptionally high-quality security and access in addition to exceptional security and access networks.

Electrical Testing and Inspections

You will need an Electrical Installation Condition Report for your business every five years. This report is a legal requirement. Regrettably, accidents can – and do – happen in the workplace.

Furthermore, they happen too often, sometimes with dreadful consequences.

Don’t let this happen to you. Let RKEC solve the problem before it starts.

A commercial EICR will discover any deficiencies with your electrics so that an experienced electrician can fix them before they become dangerous. One of our qualified electricians will highlight any emergency remedial work that needs doing, too. And, identify what should be done to keep everyone safe, perhaps as a recommended safety measure.

We can fix everything, so there’s no need to worry.

Read more about our electrical, plumbing and gas, fire and security and air conditioning services.

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Plumbing & Gas

Fire & Security

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Andy Green - kier

“What I really like about R K Electrical based in Littlehampton is the huge amount commitment given to the customer from the first call to paying the bill after the work. They listen to your requirements, offer product costings and installation that are affordable. In the past 4 years of using them, never failed to deliver on bespoke solutions. Never had a recall, and the installation teams, fully engage whilst on site in our working environments, from airports to warehouses, mail delivery and processing sites not forgetting our own underground railway network”


Nick Eaton