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We’re Electricians in West Sussex, East Sussex and throughout the South

RKEC Ltd is a team of talented electricans, based in the heart of Sussex.   We’re not just electricans, though – we offer gas, heating and plumbing services, too, including air conditioning design, installation and maintenance.

Nothing is more important than safety.  Your safety, and that of your family – or your staff and clients if you run a business. Therefore, not only do we focus on keeping you safe from harm, we’re fully accredited to enable our qualified, experienced team to do just that.  There’s nothing to worry about.

We’re in it for the long-term.  As our customers, we know that when you switch on a light or turn on the oven, the have to work immediately.  Your gas central heating needs to function efficiently in the winter.  The same with your air conditioning in the summer.  You should be able to take everything for granted.  So, that’s what we aim to do.

Here’s who we work with.  Basically, it’s everyone.

RKEC is not only a team of electricians, we offer a whole raft of services.  How may we help YOU?


In brief, we offer electrical services to businesses of every size, type and industry sector. If it involves electricity, we can do it.


From replacing a single lightbulb to a full design, renovation and installation service for your property, we can help.


Your factory depends on safe, stable electric works. RKEC offers outstanding, cost-effective services for all industrial properties.


We provide a fully comprehensive electrical and mechanical package to schools, colleges and universities.

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