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Industrial Air conditioning Services

Industrial Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning in your factory or manufacturing premises is essential. Good quality air circulation keeps your employees comfortable and healthy, and it heats or cools your machinery and plant.

In a word, the main benefit to your business is productivity.

Your Industrial Premises. Practical Solutions for a Complex Environment

As an industrial electrical contractor, RKEC has the know-how to deliver to today’s stringent working conditions regulations.

Manufacturing can be a complex process, therefore it’s good to know that we understand how production lines and factories operate. That’s not all: we also understand the need for energy-saving services, as well as the demand for air quality.

Maintaining a safe working environment, whether it’s sweltering outside, or freezing cold with frost crunching underfoot, is part of your duty of care. With our expertise, you will benefit from a premium service that reflects our focus on well-being, security and to a wider extent, the development and growth of your business.

Air Conditioning Services for Factories in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

Whether for a new build, renovation or re-location, the engineers here at RKEC can design and install air conditioning and heating and ventilation systems that suit your needs precisely.

Firstly, talk to us about your business. At a site survey, we will assess your existing facilities, the size and type of your premises, and the space available. You will receive a customised quote shortly afterwards, with our best recommendations, not only for now but also for potential growth.

We offer a range of industry-leading products that offer efficiency, maximising vital energy resources and saving you money in the long run.

Your Guarantee from RKEC

All of our products come with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind. What’s more, we also offer a one or three-year maintenance contract. This also includes all cleaning and servicing – whether we’ve installed your air conditioning system or not.

The team here at RKEC will be pleased to discuss everything air conditioning with you. Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you promptly.


Andy Green - kier

“What I really like about R K Electrical based in Littlehampton is the huge amount commitment given to the customer from the first call to paying the bill after the work. They listen to your requirements, offer product costings and installation that are affordable. In the past 4 years of using them, never failed to deliver on bespoke solutions. Never had a recall, and the installation teams, fully engage whilst on site in our working environments, from airports to warehouses, mail delivery and processing sites not forgetting our own underground railway network”


Nick Eaton