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RKEC designs, installs and maintains a wide range of commercial air conditioning and HVAC systems.

Why Your Commercial Premises Needs Air Conditioning

It’s the UK. Obviously, the weather is never that great. At least, most of the year.  Do you need air conditioning?

Well, yes.

Firstly, in your offices, shop, restaurant or hotel, the right temperature and ventilation is essential. It keeps people comfortable. Many commercial premises have discreet air conditioning. Generally speaking, most people only notice air conditioning when they don’t have it.

Secondly, there is clear evidence that people are more productive when they’re not too cold, or too hot. Basically, it’s just how we are as human beings. In our opinion, your social awareness as a business owner should underpin your company culture.

RKEC will be very pleased to supply your business with exceptionally effective air conditioning. Surprisingly, you may only need a few units. Alternatively, perhaps you are responsible for multi-site offices and will benefit from a fully networked air conditioning system.

Our highly skilled engineers can design, install and look after a wide variety of air conditioning options. Your office could have wall or ceiling-based units, or even flat-roof concealed solutions. There’s no need to worry.  These latter are so discreet that you will hardly notice them.

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Commercial Air Conditioning and HVAC Systems from RKEC: Fully Insured and Guaranteed

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