We can hang lights outside your home, like the image above, if you want to put your neighbours to shame or we can hang lights in your local town or business, no job too big and no job too small.

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Want a beautiful display of Christmas lights outside your house or place of business but dreading doing it yourself? RKEC can take that dreaded item off your to do list.

When it comes to Christmas, bigger is better and what better way to put you in the Christmas spirit than to hang some festive lights.

In Other News

New Electrical Safety Standards for rented properties

As a landlord or agent it can be difficult to keep up with all the jobs and regulations a rental property can throw at you. As well as electrical, plumbing and gas assistance in the rental properties we can also help you implement the new regulations that are coming into play this year.

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Avoiding costly plumbing and gas emergencies in the winter

[et_pb_row] Winter is fast approaching and once you click the heating on ready for those cozy evenings in a lot of issues can arise. RKEC specialise not only in electrical contracting but we have an amazing team of gas safe engineers and plumbers and we are here for...

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