Fire & Security

Fire Alarm Installations

For the last 10 years RKEC has been providing Fire alarm installations across the UK Whatever the requirements for your premises, we can install fire protection equipment which will leave your building fully protected from the threat of fire. Never leave your safety to chance.

Fire Alarm Installation Process


Our initial stage of a fire alarm system is to do a complete site survey to see what is needed, this allows us to fully meet your requirements and make sure you are fully protected.

Design and Installation

We firstly design the system to make sure all aspects are taken into account. Once this is agreed upon we will install the system with minimum disruption to you. We fully test each system to make sure its in full working order before we finish.


Once your fire alarm system has been installed, we offer maintenance contracts which will keep your system in full working order if it is called upon. This is an extremely important part of the system as your fire alarm needs to work when you need it the most.

Security Systems

RKEC have been installing intruder alarms for over 10 years in residential, retail and commercial properties.

We offer a full design, installation and commissioning service. We can also offer a personal monitoring service which calls you directly if the alarm is activated. This can dial up to 3 different telephone numbers just in case you are otherwise engaged. This is easily added to the alarm system with no extra monthly cost.

Video and CCTV

RKEC technicians are qualified to install and support a range of comprehensive surveillance systems, the use of which is becoming increasing popular in the corporate sector.

We can put in place wireless CCTV and video technology that can be accessed via your existing network. Cost-effective and secure, these systems can be managed on site and accessed remotely. These can also be accessed though iPad's, iPhone's or other devices.

For further information please call 01903 722334, email or click the request a quote button and we will get the correct member of the team to get back to you.

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